ANTHONY RAPP “An incredible guitarist with guts and heart and task, but even more so, a wonderfully open hearted, supportive, thoughtful and generous of spirit human being.”

GARY BURKE  (drummer with Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, Shania Twain) "I've spent hundreds of hours with David recording in the studio, performing on TV, and playing stages around the world under live fire. If you want pensive and sensitive, or loud and proud, he's your man, he delivers."


JERRY MAROTTA ( Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Anthony Rapp) "Don't be deceived by David's fierce collection of guitars. Great players can make anything sound good, David could strum a push broom and make it sing."


DAPHNE RUBIN-VEGA “You are amazing and a grounding presence, I love having you in the band, and the guys love your chops.”


COMMANDER CODY/George Frayne  (Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen) “Dave is a kick ass guitarist and the designated rock star.”


RICK DANKO (The Band)  “You can really play Dave!”


GARTH HUDSON (The Band) "That was a great solo Dave!"


RONNIE HAWKINS “Son, you can really bend them strings, you’re really great!”


ADAM PASCAL "As a Broadway performer, I am used to high standards at the workplace and off the stage. David brings that to the table at all times."

MUTT LANGE “That was really rockin’. I’ve seen all I need to see, you’re great, I’ll call you about possibilities…”


SHANIA TWAIN “You’re the guy, you rock!”


ANDY FRASER (bassist in Free) "Wonderful playing"


TONY LEVIN "You're a great bandleader"


JANIE FRICKIE “Beautiful playing David.”


GENYA RAVAN (Genya Ravan & 10 Wheel Drive) “You play your ass off!” 


MARTHA REEVES (Martha and The Vandellas) "You're a great guitarist and you don't drown out the singer!"


ROD PRIC ( Foghat) “You’re incredible, lets' start a band”


TOMMY RAMONE  (The Ramones) "You're an amazing guitarist"


TIM WEIL (MD Rent) “Half of the musicians in NYC and most of the Rent community tell me you’re the guy, I look forward to you being the lead musical voice in the RENT band, cool?”


LESLIE WEST (Mountain) “You are a great guitarist, I am really impressed”


BILL KIRCHEN (Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen) “Well done Dave, love your playing”


JAIME LEE KIRCHNER (actress/singer) "You're a rock star


HUGH MCDONALD (Bon Jovi)  “That was a great solo”


HUBERT SUMLIN (Howlin Wolf) “It was so great playing with ya man.”


DAVID SURKAMP (Pavlov's Dog) “From my view, there are few guitarists as poetic as David. Pay attention to his right hand, the elegance of tone lives there.” 


KIM SIMMONDS (Savoy Brown) “David’s one of the best.”


GEORGE WENDT (Cheers) “You’re amazing, how do you play both parts of ‘Halloween’ by yourself?”


KELSEY GRAMMER  (Cheers) “You’re so great, how do even play guitar standing 5 feet behind Shania's ass?”

CHRIS COOPER (Oscar winning actor) "I admire your work David."

EDDIE KRAMER " You are an excellent guitarist!"

ANNETTE PEACOCK (jazz composer and artist) "David Malachowski is a very good musician, father and an upstanding American"

PAUL BLEY  (jazz pianist) "Your harmonic ideas and sense of dynamics are excellent David."

ARTIE TRAUM  (Happy & Artie) "You're a superb guitarist"


MIKE ESPOSITO (Blues Magoos)  "You're a guitar virtuoso"


JAMES MONTGOMERY  "We go back to the old days in Boston, Dave is one of the best."


JOHN MICAEL MONTGOMERY “You’re one of my favorite guitar players”


TROY GENTRY Montgomery Gentry) “If I could only have you in my band, you’re the best Dave, and one of my oldest friends.”


EDDIE MONTGOMERY (Montgomery Gentry) "Dave's country."


JESSE MCREYNOLDS(Jim & Jesse) “It was so great playing with you”


JP PENNINGTON (Exile) “You're the guitar player”


CONGRESSMAN MAURICE HINCHEY “Mr. Malachowski is an upstanding, responsible and patriotic citizen, and I can attest that his talent, dedication and personal character are exemplary.”

LENA HALL (singer, 2 time Tony winner) "You are so bad ass."


BAUKIS DE DECKER  (Culture Administrator, Belgium) “I coordinate culture, and you are culture”