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Best musicians I've played with (so far)

Updated: May 7, 2021

So ... I've been using my New York City lockdown time to write my long threatened autobiography; The Secret Life of Colonel David (a not unpleasant life) which entails reminiscing about all the artists I've worked with, and bands, shows, and jams I've been in. Obviously, this is a partial list (please don't be offended if I've missed you).

As you can see, I've been very, very lucky, and if you're not familiar with a name, you should be, Google them!


Graham Maby

Hugh McDonald

Ira Coleman

Gordon Edwards

Stu Cook

Tony Levin

Will Lee

Mike Visceglia

Gail Ann Dorsey

Frederick Steiling

Geoff Bates


Gary Burke

Jerry Marotta

Harvey Sorgen

Keith Knudsen

Anton Fig

Johnny Badanjek

Dae Bennett

Jeff Snider

Barry Brandt

Steve Bunck


Garth Hudson

David Sancious

Daniel A Weiss

George Frayne aka Commander Cody

Pete Levin

Justin Paul

Tony Moore

Paul Shaffer Tim Weil

Robert Sprayberry

John Korba

Joel Diamond


Hubert Sumlin

Rod Price

Kim Simmonds

Jim McCarty

Bill Kirchen

JP Pennington

Tony King

John McFee Jim Weider

Sid McGinnis

Andy Powell

Kareem Devlin

Chris Rodriquez

Johnny A

Carl Carlton

Peter Malick

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson

Joe Bonamassa


James Montgomery

Dennis Gruenling

James Cotton

Terry McMillian


Adam Pascal

Anthony Rapp

Daphne Rubin-Vega

Idina Menzel Freddie Walker-Browne

Janie Fricke

Shania Twain

Long John Baldry

Genya Ravan

Machan Taylor

Troy Gentry

Eddie Montgomery

John Michael Montgomery

David Surkamp

Lindsay Mendez

Telly Leung

Les Taylor

Lena Hall

Jenn Colella

Malcolm Bruce

Lauren Fox

Howie Day

Frank DiMino

Victoria Blackstone

Annie McCloone

Ashley De La Cruz

Michelle Shocked

Eric Andersen


Allison Cornell Lorenza Ponce

Abbie Steiling Larry Packer

Glen Duncan


Geraldo Velez

Joe Passaro


Buddy Cage

Doug Jernigan


Tony Aiello

Tom Bones Malone

John Lee Sanders

Charlie Vatalaro


Jesse McReynolds

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