“I’ve seen all I need to see, you’re great, I’ll call you” Mutt Lange

“You’re a GREAT guitarist, I’m really impressed!” Leslie West (Mountain)

“Man, you can really play the guitar!” Tommy Ramone/Tommy Erdelyi (The Ramones)

“You’re a virtuoso” Mike Exposito (Blues Magoos)

“Son, you can really bend them strings” Ronnie Hawkins

“Dave, that was a really good solo” Garth Hudson (The Band)

“You are an incredible guitarist, with guts and heart and task, but even more so, you are a wonderfully openhearted, supportive, thoughtful and generous of spirit human being. “ Anthony Rapp (Rent, If/Then, Star Trek)

“I love having you in this band, you are a very grounding presence and you sound fabulous!” Daphne Rubin-Vega (Rent)

“You rock”! Shania Twain

“That was really rockin’ “ Mutt Lange

“Always great doing shows with you” Charlie Daniels

“Great job Dave!” Janie Fricke

“You’re great, lets start a band” Rod Price (Foghat)

“You’re a total rock star!” Patti Rothberg