I’m available now from June 20 to December 1st 2019


Here are some examples of my producing. Studios that I’ve worked at as a producer include; Sound Emporium (Nashville) One East Recording (Manhattan)  Clubhouse (Rhinebeck)  Allaire (Woodstock) Bennett Studios (Englewood) Denny’s Den (Nashville) and Mixolydian (Lafayette, NJ)  the musicians I’ve used on various projects include Gary Burke, Graham Maby, Daniel A Weiss, Jerry Marotta, Tony Levin, Pete Levin, Lorneza Ponce, Garth Hudson, David Sancious, Hugh McDonald, Dennis Gruenling, Peter Sachon, Larry Packer and Louie Hurwitz, engineers I’ve worked with: Dae Bennett, Paul Antonell, Ed McEntee, Kevin Bartlett and Don Sternecker.










   As you’ll see, there’s country, blues pop and in-between. And it’s the team really; assembling the right musicians and pairing them with the proper studios and engineers to make your music sound the best it possibly can, and be radio ready.

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